Commercial Kitchen Grease Filter Exchange

How it works

We provide a complete set filters for your hood system and your original filters are stored by you somewhere on site. When we come to exchange the filters we swap them out with another set of our own and you don’t have to touch a thing!

Stainless Steel Filters

We only use stainless steel filters for the best appearance and performance. In our shop, we have all the tools necessary to repair and maintain these filters. If one becomes damaged beyond repair it is removed from the rotation.

Designated Filters

We designate two sets of filters for your location. No second-hand filters that belong to other customers. Every filter used in our exchange program belongs to us and is specifically used for the exchange program.

Risk Management

Our filter removal tool allows us to stay off of your kitchen equipment and firmly on the ground. This means that your safety risk in having employees climb up to get the filters is gone and our risk is gone as well! NO climbing on cooking surfaces or food preparation areas!

Flexible Exchange Frequencies

The most common exchange frequency is every 4 weeks (once a month). but there are also options for every 8 weeks, every 2 weeks, weekly and twice weekly. The correct frequency is determined based on cooking volume, what type of cooking is being done and hours of operation.

This Program is Green!

Our filter exchange service allows you to be more eco-friendly. Instead of washing all that grease down YOUR drains, WE take it all away!

Easy Quarterly Billing

We make billing simple by working off of a quarterly schedule and by sending all invoices by email through QuickBooks. This gives us the ability to provide an online payment option right from the email or we accept payment by check in the mail. All invoices are sent 30 days in advance and are sent automatically to whatever email address you specify.

A Professional Company.

Started in late 2017, FilterShine New England uses only the best. From the fully customized van to the tools and filters we utilize, FilterShine New England strives to provide the best possible version of this service that we can.

A High-Quality Product.

We only use High-Quality Stainless Steel Filters in our exchange program to ensure that you are getting the best looking and performing filters. These filters are sturdy, shiny and free of fire hazard. NO Aluminum, Galvanized or non-stainless steel filters are used and NO damaged filters are left in the rotation.